Diploma registry

The Diploma registry is a new digital solution in Norwegian. By using the Diploma Registry, you can collect your results from higher education in Norway and share them with potential employers, educational institutions and other relevant recipients. The Diploma Registry is free of charge.

Why use the Diploma registry?

Normally when you apply for a job, you will be asked to submit your diplomas. Today they only exist on paper. We know that educational institutions use a lot of time producing diplomas and transcripts of records and that this requires large quantities of paper. We also know that educational institutions and employers, as recipients of diplomas and transcripts of records, both spend a lot of time and money checking wether the documentation is correct.

The Diploma registry:

  • makes it easier for applicants to present their results
  • makes it easy for employers and educational institutions to receive results
  • ensures the information is correct

Log on to the Diploma registry

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The Diploma registry is a Norwegian portal that is developed by CERES (formely known as FSAT) commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Operational notifications

August 3rd: The Diploma registry was down for 40 minuttes

June 27th: Problems with the signing/sharing links

Connections with HR-systems

Providers of HR-systems can connect their service with the Diploma Registry. We are happy to assist you in making the necessary adjustments. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


The operational responsibility is delegated to CERES. Please contact CERES