How does the Diploma registry work?

Only you can log on to the Diploma Registry and see your results. A recipient can only see your results if you have given him/her permission to access your results.

Logging on

You log on by using ID-porten (MinID, BankID via mobile, BankID, Buypass or Commfides) or by using Feide.

To log on you need one of the following:

  1. an active student account at a Norwegian University/University College (log on by using Feide)
  2. a Norwegian national identity number (log on by using ID-porten)

Sharing results via a link

When you log on to the Diploma registry, the portal will retrieve all your results, directly from the educational institutions' databases. You can choose which results you want to share. Then the Diploma Registry will generate a link which you easily can send to the desired recipient. A unique code is being sent along with the link. The recipient must apply the code to access the results. You can choose how long the link shall be active for and in which language the results will be shown for the recipient (Norwegian bokmål, Norwegian nynorsk or English). When you have shared a link, you can view how many times it has been opened. You can also, at any time, deactivate your links.

When a recipient uses a link sent to him/her, they will see your results in the Diploma registry. At the bottom of the webpage, a digitally signed PDF containing your results is to be found. This can be downloaded if desired.

Step-by-step on how to share results via a link:

1) log in at
2) press "My results"
3) choose which results you want to share
4) press "View selected results"
5) press "Confirm selection"
6) enter the email address to the desired recipient (or your own)
7) choose for how long you want the link - which leads to your results - to be valid
8) choose which language you want the results to be shared in
9) press "Send email with link"

The Diploma registry normally use 0,2-2 minuttes to sign and send a link.

A demonstration of how you share results via a link

Download a digitally signed PDF

If you want a digitally signed PDF of your results, you can follow the step-by-step description for sharing results via a link (above). Instead of entering an email to a recipient, write your own email address. Open the email you receive and follow the link to your results. You will find a digitally signed PDF at the bottom of the webpage. This can be downloaded and saved.

Sharing results via an HR-system

If you are applying for a job through an HR-system that is connected to the Diploma registry, you will get the option to share your results by clicking a link in the HR-system. The link will lead you to the Diploma Registry where you log on. You then choose which results you want to share with the company and click "Transfer results". The results will then be sent to the company's HR-system. As of today only a few HR-systems are connected to the Diploma Registry.

Published Mar. 6, 2017 4:07 PM - Last modified July 3, 2020 12:31 PM