Digital signature and verification

It is possible to obtain a digitally signed PDF showing your results in the Diploma Registry.

What does it mean that the PDF of the results is digitally signed?

Shared results can be downloaded as a PDF file. This PDF is digitally signed. This means that if someone tries to change the content of the PDF, the digital signature will immediately be invalid. The recipient must verify the digital signature to make sure that the content is accurate.

How do I check a digital signature?

Very few web browsers show any information about digital signatures. We recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader (free to download) to check if a signature is valid. A ribbon confirming the validity of the signature will be displayed at the top of the document. If you click on the blue ribbon, you will see that Sikt - Norwegian Agency for Joint Services in Education and Research - has signed the document.

Note that it is only possible to verify the PDF in its original electronic form. If the document is printed, it is no longer possible to verify the signature.

The electronic signing seal is shown on the first page of the PDF, and this validates the entire document.

To verify a digital signature, you are required to use a computer, as the signature will not be available on a mobile phone.

Updating trusted certificates

You may experience the error message “There is something wrong with the signature” and the message “At least one signature has problems”. These messages do not indicate that the signature is invalid, only that your computer is unable to recognise the certificate that was used to sign the document. In such cases the certificate must be added to a whitelist on your computer:

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader and choose “Edit” (NO: “Rediger”) from the menu on the left, and then choose “Preferences” (NO: “Innstillinger”).

  2. Choose “Trust manager” (NO: “Klareringsbehandling”) and click “Update now” (in green brackets).

  3. You should be good to go.

Press "Update Now"

Published Feb. 13, 2020 12:44 PM - Last modified July 6, 2022 10:47 AM